The Art of Midjourney AI: A Guide to Creating Images from Text

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Table of Contents


  • What is Midjourney AI?

  • How to start using Midjourney

  • The /imagine Command

  • Upscale, Creating Variations or Rerolls.

  • Saving Generated Images

  • Midjoirney AI Discord Commands

Basic Parameters

  • Aspect Ratios

  • Chaos

  • Quality

  • Stop

  • Stylize

  • Tile

  • Seed

  • Version

Prompting Midjourney AI

  • Multi Prompts

  • Prompt Weights

  • Negative Prompt Weights

  • Image Prompts

Improving Midjourney Prompts

  • Themes

  • Design Styles

  • Engines

  • Artists

  • Drawings and Art Mediums

  • Colors and Palettes

  • Time of the Day

  • Material Properties

  • Lighting

  • Geography and Culture

  • Shot Types

  • Views

  • Materials

  • Film Types

  • Bonus: Realistic Photos with v5


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