745 AI Prompts for Artists | Across 30 Categories of Art | Generate Jaw-Dropping Art with AI | Instant Access | Copy and Paste

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Unlock the power of AI to create stunning artwork!

This is the biggest collection of detailed, ready-to-go AI art prompts on the internet!

⏰ Save countless hours of design and iteration
✂️ Copy-Paste Ready
✂️ Copy and paste these prompts into Midjourney, Dall-e, Playground and go viral with your designs!
1-Time-Payment, (includes Future Updates)

This bundle of AI art prompts also includes a guide that gives details on parameters to be used in Midjourney to produce the best output images AND includes sample image output from EACH category in the list. Get an idea of what each prompt category produces by seeing the art generated by Midjourney. This will help spark the creative process and get you creating amazing digital art!

Categories include:
✔️Abstract Art
✔️Abstract Expressionism
✔️Anime and Manga
✔️Art Nouveau
✔️Baroque Art
✔️Collage Art
✔️Conceptual Art
✔️Cyberpunk Art
✔️Dark Fantasy
✔️Futuristic Cityscapes
✔️Geometric Art
✔️Glitch Art
✔️Gothic Art
✔️Land Art
✔️Mythological and Folklore
✔️Nature Scenes
✔️Optical Illusions
✔️Pixel Art
✔️Pop Art
✔️Post-Apocalyptic Landscapes
✔️Rococo Art
✔️Space Exploration
✔️Steampunk Art
✔️Surreal Landscapes
✔️Surreal Portraiture
✔️Trompe-l'œil Art
✔️Underwater Worlds
✔️Urban Art

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