slider-bg 3,450+ ChatGPT Prompts | Innovative Ideas for Your Business | ChatGPT Marketing Prompts Pack | Instant Access | Prompt Engineering
slider-bg 3,450+ ChatGPT Prompts | Innovative Ideas for Your Business | ChatGPT Marketing Prompts Pack | Instant Access | Prompt Engineering

3,450+ ChatGPT Prompts | Innovative Ideas for Your Business | ChatGPT Marketing Prompts Pack | Instant Access | Prompt Engineering

By Ilyashoop
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1 PDF of 3560+ ChatGPT prompts ebook

Welcome To Ilyashoop
???? Guess what? I've done the hard work for you and collected over 3,456 ChatGPT prompts! That's right, you can say goodbye to writer's block and boring conversations! ????

???? It wasn't easy, but I had a blast putting together this massive collection. Now, I'm excited to share it with you! You'll never run out of topics to write or chat about again. ????

???? And the best part? I'm not charging a penny! That's right, you get all of these amazing prompts So, what are you waiting for? Download them now and let the creative ideas flow! ????

Each purchase includes

???? Boom! I did it! I created an Google Doc file with 11 sheets filled with +3,450 ChatGPT prompts! ????

⏱️️Automate everything and save your time

✂️️Just copy and paste into ChatGPT.

????Life time access

Chapters include:

✅Business (696)

✅Career (561)

✅Email Marketing (1032)

✅Google Sheets (250)

✅Acting As (150)

✅Copywriting (150)

✅Microsoft Excel (80)

✅Google Ads (20)

✅Learn English (56)

✅Shadow Work for Signs (48)

✅Bonus (221)

What is ChatGPT Prompts?
Prompting is how humans can talk to ChatGPT AI. It is a way to tell the AI what we want and how you want it, usually done with words.

What is chatGPT?
ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. I use advanced natural language processing techniques to understand and generate human-like responses to text-based questions or prompts

What is chatgpt prompt engineering?
ChatGPT prompt engineering refers to the process of designing and refining the prompts or instructions provided to the ChatGPT language model to elicit desired responses. It involves formulating clear and specific prompts that guide the model's generation while ensuring coherent and accurate outputs.

Why is prompt fading important?
Prompt fading is an important technique in the context of language models like ChatGPT. It involves gradually reducing the amount of explicit guidance or instruction provided in the prompts over time. Initially, the prompts contain more explicit instructions or hints, but as the model becomes more skilled and proficient, the prompts are gradually simplified or faded.

????????What others are saying about ChatGPT?

☑️“ChatGPT is as significant as the invention of the internet...this will change the world.” ~Bill Gates
☑️“ChatGPT is scary good. We are not far from dangerously strong AI.” ~Elon Musk
☑️“There’s a certain feeling that happens when a new technology adjusts your thinking about computing. Google did it. Firefox did it. AWS did it. iPhone did it. OpenAI is doing it with ChatGPT.” ~Aaron Levie
☑️“In a few years artificial intelligence virtual assistants will be as common as the smart phone.” ~Dave Waters
☑️“ChatGPT is a powerful language model that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with and utilize artificial intelligence in our daily lives. Its ability to generate human-like text allows it to assist with a wide range of tasks that involve language processing, making it a valuable tool for businesses, researchers, and individuals alike.” ~ChatGPT when asked to make a quote about itself.

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